Interested in purchasing new tyres? All the points to help you buy the right ones are discussed below. Keep reading.

Do You Need New Tyres?

You may think you need new tyres but you actually don’t. Many people think they need new ones when their vehicles drive a bit lopsided. This isn’t because the tyres are damaged; the air inside of them has escaped. You can fix this by inflating them.

You’d need new tyres if the ones you have are losing their tread – you wouldn’t get much traction on the road. When the road gets slippery, this could lead to a serious accident.  If you’ve regularly been underinflating them, their treads could get worn down.

Tyre Size

You need to purchase tyres that would be the right size. The larger the tyre, the more surface area you’d cover. You’d need to get one that’s the perfect size for your car, as your speedometer wouldn’t work properly otherwise.

The manual your vehicle came with should specify the tyre size. Don’t rely on the side-walls of the tyres you currently have; they may not be the same size they were before. 


Installing tyres does not take long. The dealership you’ve bought them from could do this for you. If you’re going to be doing the installation yourself, know that alignment is a major issue for newbies. You’d cause some sidewalls to deal with more friction.

Tread Warranties

There are numerous warranties you could get with your purchase. Tread warranties are one of them. When you buy the tyres, how many miles they would be able to handle would be specified. If they can handle 80,000 miles but get worn out by 70,000 miles, there might have been a defect that caused this.

Depending on how many miles got cut short, the credit you’d get would differ. The credit would be a percentage of the total sum you paid.

There’s usually a fine-print with tread wear warranties. There might be multiple shops to buy from near you. Read the warranty print, and work with whoever provides the best coverage.


Tyres can be pricey. This is especially true if you’re not going for second-hand options. You can make the purchasing easier by utilizing after pay; you’d be able to pay on an instalment basis without dealing with interest. If you’re interested in Afterpay tyres Melbourne thankfully has many shops offering the payment feature.


How fast do you drive? All tyres weren’t made the same. The speed you drive at may not be possible with certain tyres. How much speed the options you’re interested in can handle is specified by a rating on their sides.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to keep in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing tyres. From everything talked about, one of the most important is whether what you’d be getting would be the right size or not. If they are too big, your car’s speedometer might not work properly. Ensure what you’d be buying would have a proper speed-rating too.

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