LED headlights are an addition to automobile industry since last decade. Since then, it has been considered a feature that revolutionized cars and is a definite feature in luxury cars. But why are they considered better? And is it only because they are a feature in luxury cars? To know about the top benefits of using LED headlights, read below.


One of the biggest plus points for LED bulbs over fluorescent or incandescent bulbs is that it is more efficient. In fact, experts say they are 80% more efficient than the traditional light bulbs. This is because more of their energy is being used to emit light, and only a lesser percentage is wasted as heat. It also requires lesser amount of energy overall to give emit light than the other two traditional sources. This efficiency will allow you better visibility and increased light emission. For example, it can emit a light output with a luminosity of 18,000 lumens.

Lasts Longer

There is nothing more annoying than car parts that will only last a couple of days. This usually leaves you with a ton of reparation bills. If you are someone who uses your car regularly, then the additional reparations and replacements will even interfere with your everyday schedule. However, LED shaves a better lifespan than the traditional types.

An average headlight is expected to last around 15,000 hours. This is more than even the traditional sources that only lasts between 500 to 1000 hours. This means your car can go longer without changes or repairs in headlights. In the long run, you will be saving a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on these reparations.

Night-Time Visibility

Another advantage is the improved night-time visibility. One of the most important things to consider buying new parts for a car is safety; especially when it comes to buying parts such as lights. LED headlights emit lighter, increasing the visibility especially at night.

This reduces the risks of collisions under poor lighting, or visibility. There is a low risk of accidents which is a factor that has a great impact on the safety of the drivers as well as pedestrians. You also do not have to worry about damages to your car or recovery of damages after the accident.

Easy Installation

When it comes to installing lights, LED headlights are much easier to install. If you are someone who prefers to DIY your car reparations unless it is absolutely necessary to go to a mechanic, you will find that LED swill allow you to do exactly that. You can do it yourself.

The installation will not last too long either. Usually, it will take twenty to fifty minutes. In other words, you can install your own lights within the span of one hour with minimum help. It will also save you the additional labor costs and will save your time as well.

So if you are considering buying an LED headlight, remember all these advantages it can bring. More than just being a feature of luxury cars, they are also a feature that adds better performance and safety to your car.

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