We all own vehicles and we use them most of the time. It’s essential that we focus more on the safety of our vehicle to avoid road accidents. It’s important that we follow road rules but safety system in vehicles play a greater role in preventing harm. Consider safety features when comparing different models.  For example; anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control are highly desirable.  Although these features are now standard on new cars, they are worth a look if you are buying an old car. Here is a summary of some key security features.


These were invented decades ago and most of the cars come with this feature. Collision sensors connected to the on board computer detect a frontal collision and activate the bags.  The bag inflates within a few milliseconds just by clicking and immediately starts.

Airbags have saved thousands of lives and can prevent injury or even death to children or people who do not wear seat belts. Several driver and front passenger airbag systems are now available, which sense seat weight and position and deactivate or disable front airbags depending on the need to reduce the risk of injury to drivers near and outside the steering wheel.

Side airbags with leg protection for front seat passengers are also universal, and some car manufacturers offer side airbags for rear passengers.  Side airbags are slightly smaller and can be seen from under the door cover or seat back. This only efficient for protection the body and doesn’t protect the head. Today, nearly every new car includes additional air bags that sit above the windows to cover the front and rear windows to prevent them from hitting victim’s heads and protect them from harmful injuries.  The air bag is frequently inflated a lot to prevent people from going outside in a traffic accident.  If the system detects that the vehicle has begun to roll over, the best head protection systems operate the side shields.

Before the advent of anti-lock brakes, it was effortless to lock wheels under breaks .  The front wheels are especially slippery on slippery surfaces.  This anti-lock breaks prevents this by using a computer that increases the brakes on each wheel to block sensors and locks on each wheel.  This allows the driver to control the steering wheel during braking so that the car can avoid any obstacles if necessary. It’s a quick braking system for maximum power and control. Maybe some drivers are not very familiar with this system, they just have to push it hard and the system will do the rest.

Tyre Pressure Monitors

Tyres are usually inflated and if there is some leakages it can cause different accidents.  Inflated tyres are more likely to wear out and may also explode.  A tyre can lose air through the rubber, and most drivers unknowingly drive very fast. These types of TPMS or tyre pressure monitoring system measures tyre pressure directly.  Others measure air loss indirectly, using sensors to calculate wheel speed.

It is also important that you monitor all these systems in your vehicle regularly. If there is something wrong they have to be replaced.