Jaguar has provided an SUV model to compete with the luxury brands of today. The Jaguar E-PACE drives like a hatchback and comes in a standard all-wheel drive which is great for driving in the winter months. You can use the Jaguar E-PACE as your primary car for the family as well because of its versatility.

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The Jaguar E-PACE Perth has two turbocharged engines with four cylinders. The vehicle provides a very responsive performance due to the fast shifting of the nine-speed automatic transmission. It is a powerful engine and you will be able to go from zero to 60mph in 6.5 seconds. Handling of Jaguar E-PACE is very good and there are adaptive suspension dampers available in some of the models as well. You will be able to manoeuver the vehicle easily and quickly as it can glide over different road conditions capably. There is a special AWD system that the vehicle comes with which allows it to distribute power evenly between the front and the rear wheels. This ensures a secure grip in harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow where the driver can face difficulty in manoeuvring. Even when you take sharp curves in the road, the vehicle will remain stable because of this system.

There is an All-Surface Progress Control that is standard for Jaguar E-PACE that is a great feature for low traction conditions. Jaguar E-PACE is a very versatile vehicle as you can use it for daily purposes such as work and shopping as well as vacations. You can easily use the vehicle for travelling out of town where you may experience rough road conditions. There are many safe driving aids that are included in the Jaguar E-PACE such as a forward-collision warning system, low-speed braking system, parking sensors, etc. The appearance of the Jaguar E-PACE will appeal to those that love sporty vehicles. This is a standout characteristic of the vehicle and the clean lines of the vehicle further enhance this impression.

Because of the compact size and safety features, the Jaguar E-PACE is a great family vehicle. There is also a lot of storage space that will come in handy when going on camping trips or vacations. The cabin space of the Jaguar E-PACE looks very modern. There is a 10” display that comes with very responsive interphase and seamless app integration. There is a head-up display to reduce any distractions when you drive. There is a high-resolution interactive driver display as well. The speakers installed are top-of-the-line models that give clear sound.

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However, the Jaguar E-PACE is in the expensive range when compared to other luxury SUVs and there is competition for the vehicle from the more affordable brands. Because this is a vehicle that is recently released, it will take some time to understand its reliability. While there is enough storage for the average family, some may find limitations in space especially when it comes to knee room if you are a tall passenger.