Would you say that the world took itself for granted until the pandemic? This theory can be applied to turbocharged vehicle owners as well – why? Because not everyone gets to have a turbocharged vehicle. But what if you were told that you could be making the #1 mistake that sabotages your vehicle as a whole?

In this read, we’re going to focus on the #1 reason why a turbocharged vehicle becomes sabotaged, its rectification, and pretty much everything you should know.

The #1 reason

The number one reason is none other than driving with poorly functioning intercooler systems. Just as the turbocharger doesn’t come as a stock element, some vehicles do not have an intercooler in default – for them, the reason’s version is that they don’t have an intercooler.

But it all can be summarized to the fact that, if the intercooler of your vehicle is not good enough, your turbocharged vehicle isn’t going to last long.

Why is it extremely sabotaging?

So, the problem is that, why is it so important? As we know, an intercooler is generally supposed to increase the mileage and horsepower by densifying the intake air for combustion; that’s a rather generalized approach.

But when it comes to a turbocharged engine, the turbocharger functions to increase the power of the vehicle. The job of the intercooler is to keep the turbo healthy by decreasing the temperature of the intake air. When that doesn’t happen, it’s possible that your turbo as a whole stops working.

The point is that running a turbocharged vehicle with a poorly functioning turbo is going to be the #1 reason why your turbocharged vehicle is going to damage as a whole.

The best solution

Initially, you’d want to repair the intercooler, but we do not recommend that. Because even at the best effort, the repaired lifespan isn’t going to be worth what you spend. Why shouldn’t you waste your money when you can buy aftermarket intercooler kits for a very affordable price that last for a very long time helping your run in the best way? It’s not even the best solution, it’s the only solution that fixes a problem for a very long time – i.e. until it requires replacing.

The average cost of rectification

1,700$ is the starting price of a brand new intercooler when it comes with the kit. However, you’re not going to find one in the physical market for that price – the place where you should look is the online market. When you do, pay attention to the reliable sellers who deal with nothing but auto parts for the best quality.

Word of advice

We highly recommend that you do not replace the intercooler on your own. The reason is that, unlike a regular car, the connections of the intercooler in a turbocharged vehicle are going to be much more complicated. So, the best approach is to let a professional mechanic do the job for you. That way, your turbocharged vehicle will last long in the best condition.

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