Washing your car may not seem as easy as you thought before getting in to the task. You may think of giving up trying to clean it by yourself and just getting it cleaned up by a professional. However, a full clean-up of your car is not required often and is also quite costly. Just by using the right tools and products, you will be able to easily care for your car and keep it looking new with minimum expenses.

Here are some of the top must-have cleaning supplies to care for your car:

Car wash buckets

A car wash bucket is different to normal buckets as it comes with a dirt trap or a grit guard that can help separate out the dirt from the water so you will be soaking your sponge or mitts back in to clean water only. You can also use the bucket to store your other car care products until the next clean-up.

Car wash shampoo

Car shampoo has been specially designed to clean your car and provide it with a shine. It is important that you use actual car wash shampoo instead of dish soap to wash your car as it contains extra lubricants to prevent any scratches. While dish soap is quite effective in removing grease from your pans, it can actually strip the protectant and wax on the surface of the car.

Car washing mitts

Avoid using a towel to wash your car as it could scratch the surface. It is better to use a sponge than a towel and it is better to use some mitts instead of a sponge. A good pair of washing mitts can hold a lot of soap and make the cleaning process much more convenient.

Car window cleaners

Window cleaners can help clean both the interior and exterior grime and residue present on it. When residue collects on the windows it can keep them looking cloudy which can easily be removed using window cleaners.  If your windows are tinted then make sure you purchase a cleaner which is safe to use. Besides your windows you can even purchase a car carpet cleaner to get rid of dust and stains.

Car vacuum

It is not enough to keep the exterior of your car looking shiny and spotless. You need to take care of the interior as this is the area of the car you actually use. A car vacuum can help keep your cabin clean. Some vacuum’s double as a dryer as well.

Wheel and tire cleaners

Cleaning your wheels can be one of the hardest parts. Purchasing a wheel and tire cleaner can really help remove brake dust and road grime. Once you have washed your car, apply some cleaner to the wheels, leave it for a few minutes and rinse it off. Any stubborn dirt stains would come right off.

Hose Nozzle

A simple garden hose is difficult to use when trying to wash your car due to its low pressure. Purchase a high pressure hose nozzle can help remove dirt and stains on your paint. They can also help control the flow of water.

There are many other cleaning supplies that can make your task easier. By keeping your car clean you will be able to maintain your car well and keep its reselling value high.

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